About Ez Shot Ghost Ball

The object of the company: Is to teach people how to shoot pool by giving them the right tool to show them where you must aim your stick to pocket the object ball. Teach people where the cue ball is going to get position and where to aim their stick when using English. Provide video about playing billiards on live tv app.

The Goal of the Company: Is to promote pool playing and to remind people that pool is a game with needed skills and to enjoy the game. A game means to have fun.

Our Hopes: With the Ez Shot Ghost Ball, more people would attempt to learn the game and within a few years see the amount of pool players double what it is today.

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How the Ez Shot Ghost Ball got started: My husband learned how to shoot pool in a Trade School for the handicapped. He has been shooting pool for 35 years, he shoots from a wheelchair, and he is very good. About 4 years ago I ask him to teach me how to shoot pool, but I told him I did not want to learn English because I felt it was to hard to learn. He laughed and said he would teach me how to shoot. During my beginning learning process, I would keep missing my shots. and he would keep telling me to imagine a ghost ball before the object ball. I was so fed up with this imagine a ghost ball talk, I told him to make me a ghost ball. That is when the Ez Shot Ghost Ball became an Idea. He attempted to hand cut a ghost ball out of Plexiglas, but the precise cuts proved impossible with accuracy. Now he had to find someone to make the Ez Shot Ghost Ball. We were very blessed in finding Ken Garrett of Muddy Creek Machine, who did our prototypes and offered his expert opinions and Image result for Billiardssuggestions on android tv box review. Now the Ez Shot Ghost Ball was a reality. My husband set the prototype on the pool table for a shot and then I could finally see where to aim to pocket my object ball. I started using the Ez Shot Ghost Ball for every shot and I would hardly miss a shot. Then my husband started experimenting with it and came up with using a tip theory to teach me. He also realized by using it himself that there were only four places to remember to aim if you eliminated a thin cut and a straight in shot. I kept using the Ghost ball and the tip theory for every practice shot, and I started getting better. The real excitement came to me when we were playing in our 9-ball league and from using the ghost ball I could really imagine it on the table and I started winning more games. I was so impressed how the Ez Shot Ghost Ball worked, that I talked my husband into getting a patent on it. Now that I was winning more games, I decided that maybe I should learn how to use English, but every time I tried to use English, I would get position but miss my shot. That is when I ask my husband to do some thing with English on the Ghost Ball so I could make my shot and get position. This is when he came up with the idea to put a tangent line in the base and a removable dial-a-English hand on the Ghost Ball. Now the Ez Shot Ghost Ball is complete, it shows you where to aim to make your shots, how to make your shot when using English, and where the cue ball is going after contacting the object ball. Well maybe not complete, for I mentioned to my husband I wish we could do something with Caroms and banks. I see something added in the future for his wheels are turning. For now, we operate the Ez Shot Ghost Ball business out of our home and we are going various places doing demonstrations. We play in various leagues and tournaments and I am finally enjoying the game. Good luck to all in your upcoming matches. Remember that Minnesota Fats said, “Make all your Ez Shots first”.