The True Visual Ghost Ball Target
With free accessory of removable dial-a-English hand

Thank you for purchasing the EZ SHOT GHOST BALL target, pool – aiming device. Since the beginning of pool and even now, instructors would tell their students to try and imagine a ghost ball or an imaginary ball where you need to hit the object ball, which is very hard to do. The EZ SHOT GHOST BALL target gives you the true visual of the imaginary ghost ball, thus eliminating years of trial and error and just banging balls around until you get it right. OK! Let us stop banging balls around and start pocketing them. Use a good stance, a good follow through, and hit the ball at the right contact point.

How to use the EZ SHOT GHOST BALL target:
Note: Remove English hand and plug when practicing shots not using English.

Set the 3\4 circle on the pin of the full circle.


The tip method:

How much of the ball to hit method:

How to apply English and make your shot:

The above diagram shows the various positions you can dial on the EZ SHOT GHOST BALL, but it also represents where to apply English on the cue ball. Now using the above diagram try doing the following shots with the different English. It does not matter what aiming method you use, but what ever English you dial you must aim at that spot on the cue ball and the EZ SHOT GHOST BALL.

The EZ SHOT GHOST BALL dial-a-English hand shows you where to aim to make your shot. If you need a further understanding of English seek more information on why and how to apply English by box tv.

Lines on the base of the EZ SHOT GHOST BALL target show the path or the tangent line the cue ball will take after contacting the object ball. Experiment while using high or low English and by using various speed.